February 16 2018

Blood dreams or memories?

Blood dreams or memories?

Awoken to hysterical crying, a very young boy would now know what true pain sounded like for the first time. A lady in the room next to his cried for what seemed like days, a mans voice could later be heard consoling and trying to stop what ever it was that was happening. “What about Heinrich” he was telling her then “think about him”, pleading to her that she had obligations in this world. ...  read more

February 14 2018

Kristen and her young son.

Character: Kristen
Info: A young 20 something single mother with a quiet young boy.

It was hard for a struggling mother, no help from the baby’s father who she had mistaken for another she married instead. This young caucasian German lady was from a nearby country town and was in New Converse to check out a house she had seen advertised for rent in the local newspaper. Kristen didn’t make a lot of money, but she did what she could to feed herself and her boy. ...  read more