Kristen and her young son.

Character: Kristen
Info: A young 20 something single mother with a quiet young boy.

It was hard for a struggling mother, no help from the baby’s father who she had mistaken for another she married instead. This young caucasian German lady was from a nearby country town and was in New Converse to check out a house she had seen advertised for rent in the local newspaper. Kristen didn’t make a lot of money, but she did what she could to feed herself and her boy. ...  read more

The Blood Dreamer

Character: Blood Dreamer (bluttraumer/blutträumer)

Info: Very new to his “condition”, the blood dreamer named for his frequent dreams of blood covered bodies was quite unusual. Now who created the name for this man is not known, but its just what the kids would say.  Now living in the same apartment Heinrich stayed, nobody knew this man with the whitest skin, veins so visible all over. In fact Heinrich has not been seen since this blood dreamer appeared. Neighbors avoided much chatter already, but this man really had them wondering what was going on with him. ...  read more

Theme 2

The voice of bluttraumer, soon after the infection that ignites the dreams. Prepare yourself for “You will know” a story of a man who learns of a past science experiment done on his own dna and then left alone as a failed subject in the shadows. New age vampires, sexual demons, cats, disease triggered, bluttraumer aka blood dreamer a new entity, fantasies, dreams are telling you, photographer in story, realistic science based possibility. ...  read more