Heinrich the good photographer and man?

Character development: Heinrich
Info: Heinrich a good photographer and man?

The love of a beautiful woman’s entire look was always a thing for Heinrich. After being a photographer as a hobby for years he gets noticed by the automotive industry and shoots vehicle photos for them. Over time he would find his weaknesses in technique and improve. Once a magazine asked to place a bikini model next to a modified Camaro. Nervousness for Heinrich because he was absolutely horrible at photographing people, the shots were never even seen by anyone. Heinrich disgusted with his efforts deleted the shoot shortly after and told the magazine a corrupt memory card scenario. ...  read more

The next day

Character development: Evelyn, Scratches, Heinrich
Info: loss of control, fear

Evelyn leaves room 614 hastily, this experience was not right. Who was this photographer and how did he control me? The mere sight of his injury started this fiasco after an hour of the photoshoot, she was not planning on letting her needs take over. The scene keeps replaying in her mind over and over with no clear reason for how Heinrich the photographer was able to render her powerless. Cats in window were hissing angrily, Heinrich’s eyes turned blood red as he sort of fainted after Evelyn revealed herself as a vampire, weakness for Heinrich’s blood coming from his thigh from a nail on floor. The attraction to Heinrich was quite unusual, an energy surrounded him pulling her to him. ...  read more

The eighth day.

Character development: Heinrich, Bluttraumer
Info: awakening to a fresh mind.

Days had passed and now the bald man sat stretched out under some stairs of a downtown bakery. A bit hidden from the public walkways of the streets above, dirty and smells of urine. Waking up to loud thumping, music beats from the hipsters bakery above. How he was there he had no idea, in fact he had no idea of anything at this moment. Dressed in jeans and a red button up silk shirt, looked to be nice clothing at one time. Sliding up from out under the hidden stair chamber, he stands up to see a few people looking at him intently. They all looked as if they had seen a demon, not a bum on the street. ...  read more

Blood dreams or memories?

Blood dreams or memories?

Awoken to hysterical crying, a very young boy would now know what true pain sounded like for the first time. A lady in the room next to his cried for what seemed like days, a mans voice could later be heard consoling and trying to stop what ever it was that was happening. “What about Heinrich” he was telling her then “think about him”, pleading to her that she had obligations in this world. ...  read more