12/2018 Site delayed for a bit.


This website is a collection of very short rough draft story posts for “You will know!”. This story is still in its infancy, many of the posts here are being used by the author (Ryan Burleson) for photography and film projects in the future.

As of Sept 29 2018 bluttraumer.com is now a premium paid site, small fee for 1 month of access.

Note the stories are not in order of events, sorry for any confusion I write them as I come up with new ideas.

  • Vampires (New age science projects)
  • Photography and Modeling (Real life events of the story teller modified)
  • Heinrich and Bluttraumer are both using a template from a real life, mine.
  • Disease (toxoplasmosis in relevance to cats, altered to effect others)
  • German Scientists (the creators, gene modifiers, future)
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