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Blood dreams or memories?

Blood dreams or memories?

Awoken to hysterical crying, a very young boy would now know what true pain sounded like for the first time. A lady in the room next to his cried for what seemed like days, a mans voice could later be heard consoling and trying to stop what ever it was that was happening. “What about Heinrich” he was telling her then “think about him”, pleading to her that she had obligations in this world.

Heinrich would listen and then eventually peep under a space in the door, her wrists were cut deep straight up and down to her inner elbows on each arm. His mother was killing herself and made a last minute cry for help to her own father. Heinrich kept quiet and got back into bed, but he had already seen the blood from his mother. Heinrich would now feel a coldness rush over him, his mother was bleeding to death and yet he was the one who was already dead inside.

If Kristen were to make it through this suicide attempt, she would never know a loving son. Her wounds had leaked out way too much of her life, she died in route to a local hospital. Heinrich with no father and a dead mother would now grow up living with a family in the same neighborhood. Not much is known of this new family since Heinrich was extremely private, but he would live with them until he was a young man.

His mothers funeral was about a week later, Heinrich knowing something about funerals from TV knew he wanted nothing to do with it. He told his new guardians earlier in the day he did not want to say bye to some corpse . “Why pay tribute to someone you never really talked to when they were here and living” he yelled as he ran out the door. Strong words from such a young boy, his mother was gone and her son hardened like a rock.

Heinrich went off on a very long walk down to a stream of water between some railroad tracks and his neighborhood, he sat down with a full box of matches playing with fire till the sun went down. Heinrich was followed into his hiding spot by some ferocious war battered looking cat, Scamp was keeping a distance from the fire crazed boy.

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