Your best enemy

Character development: Dr. Albrecht Heissmeyer
Info: A modern day human modifier, German doctor and scientist.

Fearing this new development with a subject of his, Albrecht had to keep trying to find the culprit of this attack. His best vampire should have been the next stage of the new breed, her start was later than all other due to changes made. She kept mentioning “Heinrich with blood eyes and a cat named scratches biting her”, she explains a weakness after the mere sight of a supposed human fainting. He had no known enemies and all the rest had died that knew about the type of modifications to the human genes like he was capable of. There was only one who ever had the power to create at his level, he was dealt with years ago though.

“That Kneupper was always doing things with the eyes” he thinks, maybe he taught someone else his methods and new “memory transferring experiments”. A group would be gathered to investigate this photographer Heinrich very soon, the group were comprised of some of his eldest vampires proven time and time again for skills unmatched.

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