The next day

Character development: Evelyn, Scratches, Heinrich
Info: loss of control, fear

Evelyn leaves room 614 hastily, this experience was not right. Who was this photographer and how did he control me? The mere sight of his injury started this fiasco after an hour of the photoshoot, she was not planning on letting her needs take over. The scene keeps replaying in her mind over and over with no clear reason for how Heinrich the photographer was able to render her powerless. Cats in window were hissing angrily, Heinrich’s eyes turned blood red as he sort of fainted after Evelyn revealed herself as a vampire, weakness for Heinrich’s blood coming from his thigh from a nail on floor. The attraction to Heinrich was quite unusual, an energy surrounded him pulling her to him.

He fell to the ground and I could not do anything to him, fear right after seeing those blood red eyes. Heinrich is not ordinary and Evelyn felt she must warn her vampire friends, she heard something behind her. Cats were following her, these looked like the ones in the window now meowing at her as if needing attention. “Fuck off cats she thinks” but at the same time they too were unusual and she felt the need to just pet them. So she did to the first one who approached, “Scratches” on the name tag purred so loudly and his eyes were “blood red” as he then bit her hand and the two others hissed at the vampire. After the bite she tries kicking the cat but he managed to run off way too fast, back to her home to warn the others.

A city worker sees the body of a woman lying on the ground near an alley, bloody hands on such a gorgeous lady totally unconscious. He tries to wake her to not response and soon 911 was called to help her out. Evelyn would be taken to a local hospital, when man made vampires were entered into any public database the creators would be alerted. This was to keep the secret of their particular design, they would cover her tracks and under the guise of specialists have her taken away so they could do their own testing. So it only took a few hours and Evelyn was in a van being extracted from a public hospital to where the creators do their experiments and modifications.

She would be awoken by an old man with a German accent, a familiar voice she had heard as a youth. “You will now tell me all you know, how was your modification removed”. What, removed, my head and I feel so weak?

The next day.

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