The eighth day.

Character development: Heinrich, Bluttraumer
Info: awakening to a fresh mind.

Days had passed and now the bald man sat stretched out under some stairs of a downtown bakery. A bit hidden from the public walkways of the streets above, dirty and smells of urine. Waking up to loud thumping, music beats from the hipsters bakery above. How he was there he had no idea, in fact he had no idea of anything at this moment. Dressed in jeans and a red button up silk shirt, looked to be nice clothing at one time. Sliding up from out under the hidden stair chamber, he stands up to see a few people looking at him intently. They all looked as if they had seen a demon, not a bum on the street.

He had no clue what was going on at all, looking around he sees a park a couple blocks away and slowly walks towards it. A sharp pain is felt under his right leg near the hamstring, no idea what it was but it wasn’t pleasant. Stares as the dirtied man who looked to be straight out of a sewer walked towards the park “that man looks insane” lady is heard saying, another shouts “they really need to get these bums out of here”. The dirty man kept on not even worried about anything, walking in front of cars doing 45mph, people yelling after. A bench in the park was the only thing that mattered.

He sits down, the trees nearby giving him relief from the sun. Thinking to himself what is happening and why am I here? Tired he leaned back and kept falling in and out of sleep waking every so often to street noises. A few hours had passed and he had awoken this time to a cat loudly meowing at him. This cat looked very familiar, he had a couple of friends with him as well. He reached down to pet the cat and it hissed at him violently, then his two friends did like some sort of a hissing concert. What the hell is this day about and why is everything so screwed up, oh and who the hell am I. Even though the cats seem agitated towards this man they would sit on hind legs and just look at him near his feet.

The main cat meowing at him this time rubbing his on leg after awhile, seems this cat liked to pet himself. He had a name tag though but the man did not dare try to touch the cat again. Eventually the cat jumped up and he could see the tag “Scratches” so he called him by his name. The cat still on high alert sat beside the man on the bench, a young lady with her little girl walked by and took a quick pic of the odd scene. As she walked off she remarked “what the hell did you get yourself into, looks like your cat Scratches won this time”. My cat? Thinking about the remark made by the lady he did not recognize, suddenly looking over at Scatches he just grabbed him by the neck and looked at the back of the tag. An address was on it and so he decided that would be his next move.

Scratches jumped off the bench and ran off after the violent grab by the dirty man. A street sweeper was walking by and so the dirty man asked if he knew where the address was? The sweeper told him it was just a couple blocks away right over there. The direction he pointed to was right near the bakery he was just at, next to it some apartments made out of an old brewery. This was indeed strange but to the man he decided to walk over to the apartments and see what happens. This apartment had a main entrance with a front desk, walking up to the front desk he asked the young man working there name tag “Todd” if he knew him. He replied of course I do you have lived here for years sir, did you lose your key again?

Thinking the dirty man said “well yes of course, you know me too well by now Todd”. So he was given a new key to his room 949, and off he went acting as if he knew where he was. When he found the apartment he went inside to see if he could figure out if this was really his place or if all these people were toying with him today. As soon as he walked in he noticed a cat door near the patio window, and a very familiar cat sitting on a table outside. This must be mine he thinks, I could come in through the outside stairs right up to my room too.

The night was spent going through everything finding pictures and mail. Why am I forgetting these things and what happened to me? A knock at the door, it was Todd again this time with a couple of large camera bags. “Sir these were brought over from the hotel nearby, they were left in your recently rented suite there and they sent them over saying they knew you,lived near”, oh thanks said the man. As he closed the door he felt a slight memory of being in a hotel recently, but what’s in these cases he thinks. So he opened one of the two and inside he found camera tripods and photography gear, woah I must be a photographer. Inside the tags read Property of Heinrich, that same name as on the mail inside the apartment.

Im Heinrich I guess haha, hello to me. Putting the pieces together hotel, apartment, name, cat, photographer etc. Still why did I wake up under some stairs right next to my apartment and why is my memory just fogged up? Maybe some sleep would help so he cleaned up and thought he would try to put the pieces together after a good nights sleep.

When he awoke the next morning it was nearly 5am and the clock showed Saturday. He had a very deep sleep and felt a bit sore all over, then he felt that pain in the back of his leg again. He totally forgot about it when he found his apartment the night before from the excitement most likely. He went into the bathroom to take a look and saw a small one inch cut, like he was cut by something. Well dang so wonder that tiny thing hurts a bunch he thought. Looking at his photography cases he opened the second one, inside he found some lingerie,phone, bag with wallet inside, and lighting modifiers. Inside the bag he also found some keys one like he just got for his apartment.

Woah lingerie, guess I take photos of lingerie he thinks. Looking through the phone emails had been coming in left and right, Hotel Bright the one he rented was asking if he had received his gear and if he was ok. Seems he had disappeared come checkout time and they put his stuff inside the cases for him. The dates showed this visit was 8 days ago on a Friday, so for 8 days I’ve been under some stairs he thinks? What the hell happened, looking through the phone more you can really find a lot about a person from it just alone. Photos, apps used, emails sent-received. Apparently on March 2 a Friday he was renting a hotel room and looking at his emails a model named Evelyn was meeting him that afternoon.

Maybe if I email her I can figure something out he thinks. So he did writing if she knew much about that day and what he was like, anything to get some clues. He went through all the emails and noticed they had exchanged numbers so he then read his texts and found that he did not save her name but had her number on his texts screen. After reading it appeared they were going to shoot at 2pm on March 2, she had told him she was there at 1:58pm and that’s the last text. Kind of odd, no new texts and no emails since that day from her. He then realized he had lingerie in one of the cases and that too was odd to him.

The eighth day.

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