The dream creator begins.

Character development: Rudy aka Dr Rudolph Kneupper
Info: Dream creators are among us, voices that sound familiar.

With the pressure of his peers who have now been angered at him leaving the experiments Rudy was now on his own, not apart of the group he had once thrived with. The German Scientist was very essential to them and now would work against them. The experiments had gone too far, they were creating something evil in his mind. Heissmeyer was the most furious of the group and the one to watch for, as cold as ice.

Before he made the actual decision to leave he had planned ways to counter all that would come. Now to create something new, something much more powerful cause it had to be. Time was not something he had much of, he had to move quickly and start developing and testing his newest of ideas. Meow, his cat Scamp always seemed to appear at the wrong time. “You want to help me out buddy?” he whispers to his cat. It was not unusual for the scientist to experiment on even animals, in the time of need anything will do.

Toxoplasmosis was something very intriguing to Rudy, a disease with very interesting side effects in animals. It can make rats unafraid of cats and basically have them come right up to the cats only to be killed easily. This was a side effect of particular interest to Rudy, what if I made a creation that could attract all the modified vampires he thinks. What if the effect can be altered in cats to make other creatures maybe even mod humans attracted? Come here Scamp!

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