The Blood Dreamer

Character: Blood Dreamer (bluttraumer/blutträumer)

Info: Very new to his “condition”, the blood dreamer named for his frequent dreams of blood covered bodies was quite unusual. Now who created the name for this man is not known, but its just what the kids would say.  Now living in the same apartment Heinrich stayed, nobody knew this man with the whitest skin, veins so visible all over. In fact Heinrich has not been seen since this blood dreamer appeared. Neighbors avoided much chatter already, but this man really had them wondering what was going on with him.

The mysterious middle aged caucasian man, seen at night often walking around his residential area with a camera. A small group of cats are known to follow him around during some of these walks, most likely receiving treats. During the day various young women are seen walking into the apartment he lives in, usually very slim model types. He is rarely seen except for his nightly walks, very similar to the walks Heinrich would take.

Just a guy people avoided cause his face said “go away”, and due to his rare appearances not many could get a word in with him. Maybe the women entering his apartment knew something, what the hell were they doing seeing him anyway? Once a lovely brunette was seen during the early morning hours walking around with him standing over steam vents, looked like a dreamy scene with sun shining from low angles behind the woman while he may have had a camera taking photos is best guess. This is why many in the community think the ladies are models besides their obvious above average beauty.

On some nights cats can be heard hissing and growling out loud for some reason, these cats were all very unusual themselves. Human hybrids often called vampires using the name of a mythical blood sucking species found in books were supposed to roam the night in the small city of New Converse. No one had ever seen one, but with science and human genetics being constantly tinkered with who knows what may lurk. This world was rapidly changing daily, and mysterious people were all around.



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