She will be afraid of what they have created.

Character development: Katrina, bluttraumer
Info: Young female model lusting for fame in her own world.

She had always dreamed of being a model, magazines, LA, all the usual things crossed her mind. A slow start in her early 20s she starts posting a few model profiles across the net. One day a comment comes from a photographer and she responds asking if he would like to shoot since they were both in same location. He had a weird name “bluttraumer” but his photos seemed pretty nice even though he had a couple nude models in his portfolio. She was open minded and decided to go with the flow and live dangerously.

They setup a lingerie shoot and it would occur in a few days. Bluttraumer thought this model looked nice. This was his third shoot since picking up the camera and finding out he knew what to do with one since his incident at the hotel with Evelyn. Heinrich had so many cameras that bluttraumer wasn’t sure which one to use, he picked up the biggest one and got it ready.

Unlike his past life being Heinrich, Bluttraumer had no fear and did not care about opinion. He was brazen and raw, nothing was off limits but he would maintain decency at the same time always asking first. He needed something to take his mind off the recent incident and this shoot could help.

The shoot began one late afternoon, Katrina was looking amazing in her red lingerie. The shoot last 4 hours and she wore 3 outfits during this time. She would get very comfortable during the shoot, maybe too comfortable. Bluttraumer would ask for some of the most provocative poses and she had no problem doing them as long as she has something on. She felt a strange energy when she was near this older man, something new. Bluttraumer enjoyed his shoot and would share a few photos weeks later.

“Woah” can’t believe I did those poses and videos thinks Katrina after seeing a few he sent to her. She decides to visit his website and there she sees more images of herself. She liked the images but at the same time she felt nervous of what people she knew would think of her. He puts his website name on the photos and if she were to post them on her family friendly profile they might go and look at the website.

She decides to never show them, torn by fear Bluttraumer’s work was just too risky to show but she would do more shoots with him in spite of this. For Bluttraumer this would be something he would get to experience from many of his models, his power to make the models so comfortable and bend to his will was a curse at times.

World of fear.

She will be afraid of what they have created.

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