Seduced by a muse, blood technology is ruthless.

Character development: Pablo, Bluttraumer, Katrina
Info: It was all unnatural, but one formed with pure energy.

Bluttraumer knew it was unnatural, this voice and decision maker in his own mind. Knowledge comes so fast now, things he never learned on his own. To another day of new things, fucking crazy erased mind with fast new knowledge and dreams of blood. To hell with all the vampire scum and dishonest fake humans. “I’m not human, maybe” thoughts pouring out…

Katrina was indeed on a path of new discoveries, meeting new photographers all over and gaining a small bit of notoriety due to working her social site often. Still in the back of her mind Bluttraumer was something more than just a photographer who took her into a new state of mind. “I think he is good, I think he just wants to fuck me too” she ponders to herself. Traveling all over to get her experiences in the modeling world, she meets a skilled photographer named “Pablo”. A very experienced photographer with a bloody secret.

They were to shoot in the LA area in his hilltop wood cabin , upon meeting him she felt an odd coldness around him. She was to wear a bikini out in the surrounding woods with lots of trees looking down upon the city. After about an hour of shooting all seems fine up until the point Pablo asks her to get nude. She had no intention of getting nude for anyone nor did she agree to do this before. He seemed upset at this refusal, like it’s something most would never refuse to him. Again something inside her sensed a coldness, “this guy is starting to spook me out” runs through her mind.

“Is that your phone I hear?” says Pablo in a nasty tone. Yes it is and I swore I turned it down, she walks over to her bag and picks up the phone. “Hrmm it’s the dark man himself, Bluttraumer” a series of texts had came in. She notices Pablo run off inside and decides to see what’s up with the texts. “You are in danger. Get out of there! I will…..” crazy texts from a guy she knows little from and how the hell could he know what is happening? She writes back “What the hell are you talking about madman?”.

“You feel a coldness around you, don’t you?” he texts back, “wtf how did he know that”. Now she decides to call him, it rings barely once and he picks up to a say a few things extremely quick. After a couple minutes on the phone Pablo comes back and asks if she is ready to shoot more? Something Bluttraumer had said to her sunk in, and she tells Pablo she has had an emergency come up and needs to leave. You can’t leave I need more shots and I paid you to fucking model and not be a bitch. Stunned by what she just heard she decides to grab her bag and start walking off, she would be stopped from behind by his hand grabbing her shoulder.

The small plane still had a few seats left, the blood dreamer was aboard the flight to LAX. A private jet with a quick setup and no stops on the way, a luxury jet. Something even Bluttraumer did not still understand how he had access to. “Get this fucking thing going” even though he sounded angered it seemed to work cause this flight was off.

Katrina was bound and drugged into a deep sleep, Pablo was not just some photographer but some sort of vampire technician. Blood technology was a thing that a few had learned from various methods online or from old books. It was once thought that robots and computers were high tech, humans were so wrong. Blood was and still is the most amazing technology, a transport system of energy and….

Blood is still the best technology.

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