Modern Man Made Vampires

Characters: Man made vampires, in this day and age science had come far. If you can imagine, it can become reality most likely.

Info: In the late 1960’s some genetic experiments were being done in private by group of German scientists, the allure of Vampires filled their heads. So it was then ideas began to transform into something the public would never truly know about. Now some in the group did not like the way the experiments were going after a few years. Rudolph Kneupper a leader of the group was voicing concerns and decided he would leave the collaboration after revelations of the current state of development, doing so was met with extreme disdain by the group.

These Vampires were to be created in the likeness of various versions seen in the movies, science was motivated by pure curiosity at times even if the outcome was not desirable. Blood suckers yes kind of, but purpose was unique to these man made variants. Forget everything you have heard about Vampires, these man made variants did take blood and were physically stronger than even animals in the wild and that’s about it thus far. Never rule out new science creating variants though, remember if you can imagine something it could possibly be created.

Most of these Vampires grow up to be normal humans, some not knowing much of their own enhancements since to them its just how everybody must be. Of course like normal humans, some are much more in tune with their self. Accidents happen, blood spills and new pleasures are then found.

Kneupper on his own time with threats of violence from his past peers decided to do his own experiment, but it would mean a baby would be needed and the result could be fatal for the child. When one is fearing for their life some will hide, not Kneupper he was even more intent on creating the variant of these monster vampires his peers were creating.  Babies from unknowing military families on a local Army base were the test subjects, paid in full by the worst monster of all the government. He had already been apart of some awful things, but something changed and he now wanted it all to end.

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