Kristen and her young son.

Character: Kristen
Info: A young 20 something single mother with a quiet young boy.

It was hard for a struggling mother, no help from the baby’s father who she had mistaken for another she married instead. This young caucasian German lady was from a nearby country town and was in New Converse to check out a house she had seen advertised for rent in the local newspaper. Kristen didn’t make a lot of money, but she did what she could to feed herself and her boy.

Kristen had her boy in an Army base hospital nearby, benefit of a short marriage with a man while she was pregnant. Smart move on her part, or just measure of security at the time of her new pregnancy who knows. Her son would have a last name after a man who was not the actual father

It was a humid warm day when she came down 8th street right to the very end, there it was a small 2 bedroom house. Parked out front in the driveway a pickup truck with camper. She parked along side the truck and walked up to the front door, a screen door in front she opened and knocked. Inside noises and sounds of hammering, the landlord said he would be doing some last minute touch ups on the phone.

The sounds stopped and soon after a very old man emerged from the opening door, “hi there you must be Kristen” he said. Kristen said “yes and you must be Rudy”, “it is I” he replied. Kristen had for some reason at this moment swore she had recognized this mans voice or appearance, she couldn’t figure it out right then. Life was confusing enough for the young mother and all she wanted was a new home.

Her son was named Heinrich, a very quiet awkward boy. Appeared to be around 3-4 years old, he stood behind his mother during the intro to the landlord looking around at the trees. Probably wondering if he could climb up them easy and why the locust were so loud in this yard. Off in the distance a cat was walking down the dirt road, “Scamp” yells out Rudy. Seeing that Heinrich had been staring at the cat Rudy was trying to get his attention. Strangely enough the cat came running right up to Rudy rubbing his leg with tail up, purring but he was an ugly war scarred looking cat Heinrich thought.

Scamp had all sorts of mixed colors on his base color of brown, it was like he was a brown cat who got into a pile of spray paint of various colors and lost. He had some missing spots of hair all over, looked to be fresh from a cat fight was the normal look for Scamp. “Pet him Heinrich” said his mother, so he did and for some reason Scamp ran off into one of the trees Heinrich had been scouting. After about an hour or so an agreement was made and Kristen was now renting this small home on 8th street. Glad to be out of her parents home in the country with a son.

“That cat was real ugly” Heinrich responded as they drove back to their old home to gather some things. “I’ll bet you’ll be loving that cat in no time”replied his mother, and boy was she right that cat would never be forgotten.

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