Heinrich and the small strange kitten.

Characters: Heinrich and a small strange kitten.

Info: This is a short intro story of the main character as older adult and moment with what was at the time a small strange kitten.

Heinrich would often take walks in the night, it was quiet and his energy was high then. Many nights he would bring a small Fuji camera to shoot photos of the stars and slow shutter light trails from the highway nearby. This night however was just a short stroll around the complex, no real reason but maybe fresh air. He wasn’t afraid to walk alone at night, Heinrich was a loner who grew up on the rough side of town. By the time he was a teenager he had seen his share of violence from groups of boys and knew how to handle himself or avoid it altogether. He grew up now being the person people in big groups avoided due to his menacing appearance and a look of crazy in the eyes.

A small whimper is heard while walking on the sidewalk close to gate near his apartment complex. It sounded like a hiss, but the exact direction wasn’t easy to spot. Retracing his steps again a whimper and maybe a hiss, he says aloud “where are you damn cat”. Looking around and seeing nothing he decides to take a seat on the sidewalk curb to the side parking lot.

”This walk tonight sure was strange” he thinks, looking around still wondering if the cat was watching him. You see Heinrich has always had a soft spot for cats, a chink in his tough guy armor you might say since he would pet and talk to his cats for hours as a kid. He hasn’t had a pet in many years and this cat hissing at him reminded him how much he missed them. Using the camera pop up flash as a light looking around and still nothing in sight.

Deciding that this cat was too scared to show himself Heinrich stands up and decides to make it inside to his small apartment on the bottom of a two story complex. Before closing the door a quick look back to see if maybe a new friend may have followed, nope nothing. “Ah well guess that cat doesn’t want my help” he says annoyingly, thinking to himself “like the cat understands what I just said, still felt good to say it”.

Outside a small black kitten emerges from just under the sidewalk, an opening for drainage where a small kitten could easily hide. A bit scared of the large human that was hunting him, he sure was glad to be safe although very hungry on his own. Pretty sure the human was trying to eat him because he heard loud growling like noises when the human was near.

Inside Heinrich got to thinking about all his cats and how he would get their attention, then came up with a genius plan. “I’ll open a can of tuna, it always worked with my other cats they’d smell it miles away”. So he did just that, then walked back outside down to the pedestrian gate on the side parking lot again. Armed with the tuna can open he walked up and down the sidewalk from front to side lot. Still nothing and he was not hearing any noises either this time. About 5 minutes of “here shitty shitty” nothing but silence. “Oh well I’ll just eat this myself” he declares out loud again as he walks back towards his apartment door.

The kitten had been watching him this entire time, a bush near a neighboring apartment window gave him great cover. That aroma of tuna was driving him crazy, but the growling human sure was scary. He was just a kitten, but in his small time of life most humans he has seen at night were crazy. Heinrich at his front door decides to put the can of tuna down and then grabs a bowl that he fills with water, “screw it maybe it wasn’t a cat, but if it was he will like this tuna and water” then goes inside to listen to music on his headphones as usual to put him asleep.

For the kitten watching he had to remain hidden for awhile, later he would go near that can by the door. It was in fact only about 15 minutes until the kitten gathered courage and hunger pulled him to the door. He heard no growling from the door so he devoured the meat and had a few licks of water before running off back to the bush. He would repeat this maneuver a few times in fear the human might surprise him again. To the kitten this human had a very strange appeal and at the same time scary presence more so than other humans.

Heinrich and the small strange kitten. (Heinrich is a main character, this kitten is relevant)


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