Evelyn contacts a photographer, blood fantasies inspire.

Character: Evelyn
Info: Young 20 something model experimenting in life. A modified man made vampire blooming a bit late unlike others.

Hienrich’s love of photography consumed him often, when the light was right being without a model tore him apart. Evelyn a young 20 year old model with limited experience decides to be brave and seek out a lingerie photographer. Skimming over week after week of ads online she comes across a simple ad with actual information and legit references. Ad Title “Looking for unique female lingerie models for my website ArtofShadows.com, paid shoots experienced preferred” after seeing this particular ad not offering anything crazy like a scam she decides to email with a few photos of herself.

A few hours would pass by and young Evelyn would hear the chime of a notification, this chime was from a email address only used for modeling jobs. Her contact was received and the photographer liked her photos, after a few more minutes and emails back and forth contact numbers were sent. Heinrich was very picky of the models he decided to work with, so many fake models just wanting money to flash their skin was the norm, getting a contact from a good model was harder and harder. Finding new responses from a seemingly shy model named Evelyn he was more excited than normal due to her being experienced in modeling but never doing lingerie work. Heinrich was a good first photographer for many genres, good quality and very verbal with all he worked with. Many models would be filtered out from him in the local area, scammers broken and thrown away.

Offering a job to this model was very upfront, “get in lingerie let me see what you can do on your own at first then let me show you the best model on the planet, me Heinrich.” always a funny moment. A shoot is agreed to and it will be done in a few days, this would be the first time Evelyn poses in lingerie possible implied nude. Heinrich was a mad looking man to most, he had learned over the years how to soften himself up in the appearance of any model shooting for him. Heinrich loved fit female models and this new Evelyn looked great, “I will show her my energy, all dust removed” he thinks.

In the city of New Converse the vampires would conspire late at night, usually hiding in plain site. The best vampires were females, seduction the tool of choice. Modeling was a great way to hide in plain site, true intentions always hidden. Get hired for a modeling gig then use the photographer for their resources if they could not benefit them anymore. A new but smart vampire in her own rights Evelyn was needing her first true test as an adult now. With good looks the coven of vampires she had been modified with told her she should model for best results. Having experience from a few odd modeling jobs in the past she had the in front of camera experience that might be enough to fool an old timer of her true intentions. Evelyn decided to contact the ad she liked the most, after checking out the photographer’s work she believed him to be a good choice. Someone good enough but also very unknown like some shadow in society, he wouldn’t be missed.

Heinrich was excited as always, thinking of the best photos he had taken in the past and ones that were horrible. “How could I correct myself” he thinks. Each new model was an opportunity to “try something new” and he made a few bucks off the content he posted on his website so it all worked no matter what. The shoot was planned for 2 days after the initial contact, a Friday afternoon was best for both. That Wednesday night Heinrich would have a dream, the most vivid one of his entire life up to this point. A face almost blurred, she would stare into him and tear his soul apart with cries of agony then interrupting visions of a body covered in blood. “What kind of dream is this, why is there blood everywhere in it have I seen this before?” Heinrich thinks after waking. Even after this dream voices speaking in German were haunting Heinrich the most, he barely understood them. “Blut träumer” was heard over and over by some old mans voice, what the actual fuck did this fucking mean, sure wish I knew he thinks.

Evelyn would use this photographer if he was good for new jobs, but her desire to test her modified body was the plan b should things happen during the photo shoot. His info showed him to be an older man, probably weaker or really out of shape. She could easily take a strong young man on already and this old bastard would be simple. She still wonders why she was late to the vampire fun, she had no signs of being modified until she was about 17. Most know before they are teenagers, increased strength buffed by blood infusions vampires were made in the image of movie characters that sucked blood. Not all things though, some things were really stupid and other abilities were put in their place.

Evelyn is now turning her fantasies into reality, she will discover what she truly is now. Heinrich would soon also learn more about the world he lived in and why he was always so different in a everybody craves to be different kind of world.


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