A fateful Friday. Pt 1

Character development: Evelyn, Heinrich, intro Scratches
Title: A fateful Friday, welcome to your new life. Part 1 of 2

It had been a few weeks since Heinrich had done a photo shoot with any model, the last was a gorgeous young Asian lady. He was a decent photographer and would usually be very reserved in the types of content he shot, nothing too risqué and no full nudity ever. Excited for his next shoot later in the day he was still bothered by two nights of very uneasy rest, this was because of vivid dreams. Some of the detail would be lost in the day but lots he could not forget. Scratches had been getting into lots of trouble in the neighborhood lately and no longer looked like the sweet small kitten he once was. Hell he even kinda looked like that mean cat from his old childhood neighborhood.

Every morning scratches would be sleeping by the bedroom window sometimes scratching at the windows, outside as usual so he could do what cats do best at night. From Heinrichs observations it was never anything good due to all the wounds hence the name scratches he now called him. At first he never really had a name and it wasn’t really important either, damn cat worked. That cat had gained a few buddies who would come by, seems scratches was the leader. These other cats were very similar looking to scratches, but sweet as can be to Heinrich. A bit of difference lately with the cat gang was they would be the first thing Heinrich would see when he would wake after these recent dreams, staring at him.

Evelyn had her outfits ready in her bag all packed, she would be busy right before the shoot and asked if she could do her hair at Heinrich’s hotel he was using for this shoot. He didn’t mind that request at all, was a good way to chat too. In her mind she felt the nervousness and excitement for what could happen that afternoon. Maybe just a photo shoot or maybe she would get her first dosage of fresh blood. He seemed like a decent man from her limited chats with him , but it was really a matter of how he treated her in person that would matter. The shoot would be after her college class at 2pm, she had her stuff in her car so she could head right over for the shoot.

The hotel Heinrich decided to use was a real bright suite, lots of windows with soft light. You could just use a camera with no lighting tools and place the model in the sweet spots all over this place. Heinrich had used this place a few times before and knew every inch of it. No real preparation was need he would just remove the hotel clutter from the tables and roll up the ugly green carpets covering the beautiful wooden floors. This all took about 5 minutes, just charge up the camera batteries, format some memory cards, and make sure everything is working and all camera setting were good.

It would be a couple hours until Evelyn was supposed to be coming over so Heinrich just browsed old shoot images and video he had done there before. Trying to get some ideas from some things he tested before, he always liked to try something new even if they sucked maybe the next time he could improve it. Evelyn sat in her last class of the day totally out of tune with the subject being taught and what she needed to study later that day. All she could do is anticipate the shoot or experience she may learn.

Scratches knew something was up with Heinrich and had followed him secretly to the hotel a few streets away. Him and his gang of 2 others were climbing the edges of the hotel to get a better view inside the rooms looking for the right one. Ever since the day he saw the scary human as a kitten their had always been something about him, a feeling inside of familiarity. As they got up higher it was at the 6th floor on a corner window he could see that bald head of Heinrich looking at his computer screen. So he sat there waiting, for what who knows.

To be continued.

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